Our Work - Consumer Brands / Entertainment


One of the world’s premier audio brands partnered with us to help them engage multiple audiences differently to generate brand awareness, increase revenue, and develop exclusive branded content. Our client has a very high recognition among audiophiles, but had very little unaided awareness of their personal audio products from younger demographics.


We felt that traditional marketing and advertising were not going to be cost effective so we leveraged our relationships in the music and entertainment industries to create a unique, experiential music series that utilized traditional, online, and social media channels, and organically placed our client’s brand and products next to targeted, younger demographics, leading music artists, record labels, and other brands. Every event is different and is an intimate, invite-only, VIP experience where fans, industry executives, key partners, and press come together to celebrate and listen to the new record with the artist before it’s released to the public.


Events have been held with some of the most important and influential artists across musical genres; the brand creatively reached and impacted multiple target markets, passion and emotional connection was generated between brand, fan, and artist; the brand is differentiated from competitors; consumers were given more opportunity and incentive to connect with the brand; exclusive content was created driving viral distribution; events are in high demand from artists and labels; and social media metrics and sales of our client’s personal audio products have increased significantly.

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