Our Work - Higher Education


An elite and prestigious college partnered with us to help them rebrand and market one of their advanced degree programs in order to increase awareness, showcase students’ research and publications, improve social media metrics, reach a greater number of applicants, and drive a higher yield.


We decided that we needed to rebrand and re-message the program both internally and externally so we could leverage the resources of the college more effectively as part of an overall growth strategy. We created a new logo that integrated the program closer with the college; designed new creative, messaging and imaging; repackaged the application and admissions information; conducted in-depth, one-on-one interviews with students and alumni; led the rebuilding and design of a new website; embedded students’ work into both the website and social media pages; and engaged the overall college community with the program, faculty, students, and alumni.


The reach, perception, and awareness of the program both internally and externally has dramatically increased; applications have risen; students are being recognized frequently outside the college for their work; traffic on the website and social media pages has improved significantly; and the program will exceed its overall goals.

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