Our Work - Media


A multi-billion dollar media company partnered with us to help them increase sales, leverage their national and international assets, demonstrate value to their clients, and change the external and internal perception of their organization.


We built highly focused, creative sales and marketing teams across the country that leveraged the company’s vast resources thereby allowing teams to deliver exceptional value and solutions to their top local, regional, and national clients. This was not simply helping salespeople ‘sell better’ – we restructured the sales teams completely and taught them how to sell differently, while simultaneously giving them the tools, resources, and hands-on training and experience to demonstrate to their clients how they could develop and execute multi-platform, creative solutions that would drive measurable results for their clients.


Millions of dollars in new revenue has been generated in multiple markets; sales teams have effectively replaced many clients’ existing ad agencies – improving cost savings for clients; morale and commitment increased in multiple layers of the company, and clients’ perception of the organization’s short and long-term value increased significantly.

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